Casino Blackjack Strategy: Download the Chart and See Your Gambling Improved

Casino Blackjack Strategy: Download the Chart and See Your Gambling Improved

Accessing a casino whether an online or offline one supported by a good strategy, you have all the chances of walking out with a much thicker wallet (or a bank account). By studying the basic strategy, you can enhance it and make it work for you. And so that you don’t search long, we have introduced everything you should know about a good Blackjack strategy in this short but informative article.

The Basic Strategy Chart for Playing Online Casino Blackjack

An online casino Blackjack strategy chart is based on their hand and the dealer’s upcard and reveals which action has more chances of bringing a win. This reduces the house edge of the game to a certain extent and provides the player with a slightly higher edge over the casino house. The basic casino Blackjack strategy chart is quite straightforward and implies knowing only the basic rules and hands. With certain alternations, the basic chart can become suitable for different variations of Blackjack. If you are new to all this, you can have the chart printed and keep it at hand when launching Blackjack online. Yet it’s always better to learn the chart by heart.

What can be inferred from this chart? Let’s sum up it all for you to remember it easier;

  1. If your hand is 12-16 while the dealer’s hand is 2-6, you’d better stand;
  2. If your hand is 12-16 while the dealer has got 7-Ace, hit;
  3. If you received Aces and 8s, always split the cards;
  4. If the dealer’s hand is 2-10, double your 11;
  5. A hand of Aces-6 must be hit.

Using a casino Blackjack strategy is definitely beneficial. However, knowing a couple of crucial recommendations by seasoned gamblers will only make your pastime more productive.

Blackjack Playing Tips and Tricks

There are also other important points not shown in the basic casino Blackjack strategy chart. To improve your chances of a win, memorize the following tips:

  • Do never play insurance unless you’re counting cards (we hope you don’t);
  • Always check the dealer’s up card before taking any action;
  • If you are playing in a brick and mortar casino avoid the first base chair so that you have enough time to review your hand and the dealer’s upcard;
  • Upon starting, take a slow pace to gauge the situation and see if the dealer is “cold” or “hot”;
  • Don’t pay attention to other players’ cards since it can no way impact yours;
  • Set up limits for both losing and winning, and once you feel you are on a losing streak, leave the casino immediately.

As the statistics show, around 75% of Blackjack players start winning at some point, yet only 4% of them leave the casino room as winners. So, seize when to stop and do it.

Using Blackjack Strategy Card in Casinos

Can you use the best casino Blackjack strategy chard in the casino? The answer is yes, it is not forbidden, whether it’s a land-based casino or a gambling site. All casinos want visitors to be at the tables, and if it’s the casino Blackjack strategy card, you are welcome. In all cases, many players feel too enthusiastic or even drunk to use the cards correctly, and casinos still get their profit.

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