Multi hand blackjack rules – learn this popular variation of the game

Multi hand blackjack rules – learn this popular variation of the game

In the blackjack game, the act at the gaming table that means everything is the intense competition between the gamer and the casino. Both sides are given cards that should be counted. The result of the game is defined by this counting. The best possible count that every participant is striving to is twenty-one. Exceeding it means losing immediately. There are three outcomes that will satisfy the gamer:

  1. he obtains 21 points;
  2. he obtains a bigger count than the dealer and this count is less than 21;
  3. the dealer exceeds 21 and he does not.

All these events mean that the gamer wins against the casino. This basic rule is the same for both the regular blackjack game and the multi-hand one.

The gameplay of the multi-hand version

The multi-hand version is considered as a more enticing variation of blackjack than a regular one. They have the same gameplay with some minor differences that make the multi-hand version more interesting:

  1. the counting system is common: cards from two to nine are estimated with the corresponding quantity of points, tens and faces go as 10 points, and aces can grant either 11 or 1 point – the gamer can choose it;
  2. the game starts with betting; according to multi hand blackjack rules, the gamer can play up to five separate hands; in the beginning, he chooses the exact quantity and then plays each one independently from right to left making different bets and increasing or decreasing them during the circles of the game;
  3. bets can be on the victory of the gamer, the casino dealer or that their results will be even;
  4. each gamer’s hand obtains two cards; in the end, the dealer gains two cards as well; the gamer can see only one dealer’s card, another one is hidden;
  5. if the first count is not 21 for both the gamer and the dealer, both these sides can proceed with certain moves trying to improve the result.

The multi-hand variation provides the gamer with more flexible betting opportunities and therefore, better conditions for using his budget.

Blackjack moves according to casino blackjack rules

In this multi-hand blackjack version, the gamer receives an opportunity to improve any of his chosen hands by making a certain move if neither he nor the dealer gained blackjack upon the distribution of the first two cards. He can:

  • remain with his two cards – Stand;
  • claim one more card until he is satisfied with a combo or obtains/exceeds 21 – Hit;
  • increase his bet if he likes his chances – Double Down;
  • divide two even cards into different hands – Split Pairs;
  • leave the game with half of the bet – Surrender.

The dealer is obliged to act according to his count. If the count is less than 17, he hits, if not, he stands. The gamer has a great advantage because he makes all his moves voluntarily and can try using a good strategy for that. In multi-hand blackjack, it is useful to try different strategies and approaches for different hands in order to cover most outcomes.

Blackjack switch rules

One of the most interesting versions of multi-hand blackjack is blackjack switch. It has several unique features:

  • its house edge equals 0.58% if the gamer uses the optimal strategy;
  • the gamer must make no less than two hands to play;
  • the main feature is that the gamer can switch top cards of his hands creating new better ones;
  • if the dealer receives 22, this even creates a tie with any hand of the gamer but for a natural blackjack which is 21 received in the beginning of the game;
  • the double down can be made after switching.

Such unique rules make the game interesting for any gamer, so everyone who is used to playing a standard blackjack will find this version satisfying and exciting.

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