Patel For A Better Hillsborough
Conservative Principles
Accountability that protects your hard-earned taxpayer dollars
Strong Leadership
Eliminate political self-interest by fixing term limit loopholes
Common Sense Solutions
Reduce traffic congestion and improve public transportation
Innovative Ideas
Out of the box thinking that challenges the status quo
Supporters Speak
Florida Conservatives Trust Patel
Pam BondiHonorable Gus BilirakisHonorable Will WeatherfordHonorable Matt GaetzVictor CristCarlos Lopez-CanteraHonorable Danny BurgessHonorable Faye Culp
I am happy to offer my support and endorsement to Aakash Patel as he makes his initial run for Hillsborough County Commission...I have known Aakash since he returned to Tampa after graduating from Florida State University. I know he will put forth every effort to apply his conservative beliefs and principles in all that he does.
Pam Bondi
Florida Attorney General
I am pleased to offer my support and endorsement of Aakash Patel. Aakash has been very active working with me on multiple outreach initiatives and I am certain his enthusiasm for our community, his conservative principals and his business acumen will be put to great use...
Honorable Gus Bilirakis
Congressman, 12th District of Florida
I have known Aakash Patel through our work in the business community and have witnessed his efforts to enrich economic growth in Hillsborough County. I believe he will be an asset to the he continues his work for greater economic development, improved transportation and many other issues important to the community
Honorable Will Weatherford
Former Speaker of Florida House of Representatives
Proud to support my longtime friend in his run for the Hillsborough Commission!
Honorable Matt Gaetz
Congressman, 1st District of Florida
I am pleased to endorse Aakash Patel for Hillsborough County Commission. I have been impressed with his energy and involvement in our community. His work ethic and drive will be very beneficial to the Commission. The experience and commonsense he brought to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee were invaluable.
Victor Crist
Hillsborough County Commissioner
Aakash has impressed me with his drive, ambition and ability to apply his conservative ideals to encourage and mentor others in the business community and leadership roles. I strongly support his effort to become a member of the Hillsborough County Commission. I wholeheartedly endorse Aakash Patel, in his campaign.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera
Florida Lt. Governor
I am honored to offer my support and endorsement to Aakash. He is a very successful businessman and I know he will take his strong drive and dedication to our community to the County Commission. I am certain he will apply his conservative ideals and objectives...and I look forward to working with him in that capacity
Honorable Danny Burgess
Republican State Representative
I have been impressed with this young man’s work for our community. Aakash is someone who contributes to our community and gives unselfishly of his time and expertise to make a difference. It would be a benefit to the citizens of Hillsborough County to have such a strong conservative voice on the County Commission.
Honorable Faye Culp
Former State Representative
What others may perceive as obstacles, I perceive as challenges, and even opportunities.
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